Video Visiting (VIP) – Nisqually Public Safety

Video Visiting (VIP)

Inmates and visitors now have the opportunity to visit via video visiting.  Attached are the guidelines provided through Telmate. 

Adults in Custody VIP Instructions & Helpful Hints for Family & Friends Using Video Visitation

Friends & Family will need to create a Telmate Verified Account. (Creating this account online:, or the Telmate Kiosk located in the lobby.

A computer: Laptop or PC. (Our system does not support Smartphones at this time.

A webcam and a microphone.

The current Adobe Flash update MUST be installed. If they / or you are unsure what Adobe Flash version they have, go to http:// & update their computer to the most current version for free.

High speed Internet connection (Dial up and satellite are not supported. Mobile hot-spots are not recommended)

Test the internet speed at

Test the webcam and microphone at before the visit to ensure they are functioning properly.

Please remember your Telmate telephone PIN# which allows you to log onto the Telmate Station to schedule Video calls.

Any Questions from friends and family, they may call Telmateā€™s  24/7 customer service: 1.866.516.0115.

Pricing: $9.00 for 30 minute durations, which comes out of your Telmate phone account or your family/friends Telmate phone account, depending who confirms the Vappointment. 

Pricing for messages, wall posts, and photos are $0.25 cents each exchange.

COMING SOON: A free Video call, please inform your friends & family to set up a Telmate Verified Account to receive this promotion.