IN PERSON VISITATION – Nisqually Public Safety




Approval.  There will be no pre-approval required for attorneys of record.  Other prospective visitors may be subject to an approval inquiry at the discretion of the Chief of Police, or designee.  Facility staff will approve other persons for an inmate’s visiting list in accordance with the following guidelines:


  Visiting Sign Up & General Information 
Inmates are responsible for scheduling their own visitation and informing visitor(s) about their current visiting schedule, including changes to the schedule, cancellations or rescheduled visits. 

1.      Inmates must provide a complete name and date of birth for each person visiting. This information (authorized visits) will be entered into the visiting logs by unit officers.

2.      All visitors must have an approved picture identification. Acceptable forms of identification are: Tribal Identification Card, valid driver’s license, state identification or other official identification with picture, physical description and signature.

3.      Visiting sessions will be thirty minutes.

4.      Visitor sign up is in the front lobby at the font desk.

5.      Any visitor arriving at the facility late will be turned away.

6.      The same visitor may not visit the same inmate more than once per day.

7.      Only a parent, grandparent or documented legal guardian may accompany a minor child to visit an inmate.

8.      A maximum of two children will be allowed to visit with one adult. If there are two adults, only one child may accompany them. No more than two adults may visit at one time.

9.   All visitors will be checked for warrants and no-contact orders. Visitors with warrants will be arrested upon their arrival.

10.   Persons who are on probation, parole or other forms of conditional release, to include electronic monitoring and work release, ordinarily will not be approved.  In compelling circumstances the individual may request approval in writing through the Lieutenant, or designee. 

11.   Persons with criminal records will not be automatically excluded from visiting but will be approved by the Chief of Police, or designee, personally.  The nature and extent of an individual’s criminal record, supervision status, and history of recent criminal activity will be weighed against the benefits of visitation in determining eligibility. 

12.   Persons believed by substantial evidence to have a potentially detrimental effect on the inmate or to constitute a threat to the security of the facility will be excluded from an approved visiting list.

13.   Visiting appointments may be cancelled by the inmate up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled visit. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance of a scheduled visit will be counted as a visit.

14.   Visitors who do not follow the visiting rules for the Corrections Center will have their visiting privileges suspended.

When an individual is not approved, notice and reasons for the exclusion will be provided to the inmate who submitted the individual’s name.  The inmate may appeal the decision through the Inmate Grievance Process. 



Searches of incoming visitors shall include the use of metal detection equipment and visual inspection.  Bags, purses, large jackets and so on are not allowed in the visiting area.  These items are to be secured by the individual either in a locker provided or outside the facility.   Diaper bags and / or related items are to be visually inspected and searched prior to visitation. If there is reasonable suspicion an individual is carrying contraband, the individual is to be advised of facility rules and Revised Code of Washington regarding the introduction of contraband into a corrections facility.  He/she may consent to a search.  The search must be conducted by a Police Officer.  Corrections staff will not detain or Mirandize the individual. Signs will be posted in the public lobby and visiting area reflecting the facility guidelines and Revised Code of Washington in regards to contraband.  Inmates will be visually inspected and pat searched prior to attending visitation.   Following visitation all inmate are subject to a strip search.  All searches will be conducted in private, professionally, discretely and in accordance with facility policy and procedure.  No items are to be taken into visiting by the inmate.  Visitors will not pass or give any item to an inmate. 


Visiting Conditions

Visiting will be supervised by staff at all times.  The visitation schedule will be each Saturday and Sunday for the corresponding living units.

Male Visits:


House 1 Group 1:

Sign in ends at 7:45am. The visit will begin at 8:00am.

House 1 Group 2:

Sign in ends at 8:30am. The visit will begin at 8:45am.

House 2 Group 1:

Sign in ends at 9:15am. The Visit will begin at 9:30am.

House 2 Group 2:

Sign in ends at 10:00am. The visit will begin at 10:15am.

Main Building (South Wing and Segregation) Group 1:

Sign in ends at 1:15pm. The visit will begin at 1:30pm.

Main Building (South Wing and Segregation) Group 2:

Sign in ends at 2:00pm. The visit will begin at 2:15pm.


Female Visits:


Female Group 1

Sign in begins at 7:30am and ends at 8:00am. The visit will begin at 8:30am.

Female Group 2

Sign in will begin at 8:30am and end at 9:00am. The visit will begin at 9:30am.


Visiting sessions will be approximately thirty minutes in duration and the area is to be limited to no more than ten inmates at a time. While visiting conditions will promote normal social interaction and reasonable levels of physical contact between inmates and visitors, non-contact visitation areas will be utilized to ensure the safety and security of visitors, inmates and the facility when deemed necessary.  An attorney visiting area will be available to ensure privileged communication between the inmate and their attorney, however, the area used for these visits shall be subject to general staff supervision.  Inmates and visitors will be permitted to embrace and kiss at the beginning and end of visits and may hold hands during a visit.  All other forms of contact are prohibited and will cause the termination of visiting.  These contact restrictions will not apply to small children. 


Denial or Termination of a Visit

A visit may be denied or terminated and visiting privileges suspended under the following circumstances:

        Visitor is under the influence of drugs or alcohol

        Insufficient Space is available

        Refusal to submit to search procedure

        Refusal or failure to submit identification, or the falsifying of information by a visitor

        Violation of facility rules by a visitor or inmate

        Failure to supervise children or prevent children from disturbing other persons visiting

        Inappropriate display of affection, suggestive activity  or inappropriate dress

        Other conduct or conditions deemed by the supervisor to be disruptive to visiting operations or to the safety and security of the facility. 


The facility will make available to inmates during orientation, and to visitors upon request a list of the major transportation resources to facilitate access to the facility.  The department will not provide transportation from the site of public conveyance to the facility.